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Common Kitchen Cleaning Problems & How to Solve Them

House Cleaning Boston North Shore - LemonsSome house cleaning problems keep coming up because everyone has to deal with them at some point or another. When faced with that unmoving stain or sticky grease, it can seem like you’re doing it all wrong. 

Getting cleaning services in your home can help put you on the right track, and here are three problems you’re likely to run across and what to do about them.

Greasy Microwave. You open the microwave and…ugh. If you’ve got food stains or grease sticking to the walls of your microwave, there’s a straightforward solution you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of sooner. Cut a lemon in half, put it in a bowl with water, and microwave it for 10 minutes. The lemon cuts through grease and the steam created by the boiling water loosens food particles. Remove the bowl when the timer goes off, then just wipe out the microwave with a cloth—it will be as good as new, and your whole kitchen will smell like fresh lemons.

Stuck-on Food. That casserole you made last night was delicious—the crust stuck to the bottom of your dish? Not so much. When hot water, soap, and sponges just aren’t doing the trick, skip scraping the bottom with a spatula. Instead, wet the bottom of the dish, sprinkle with baking soda, and let sit an hour or two (overnight for a really bad case). When you come back, the food will come off without much work. It’s dish washing magic! 

Plastic Container Stains. The kids love to eat spaghetti leftovers, but they leave your plastic dishes looking a little rough and very orange. Removing a tomato stain from a plastic container is hard, but preventing one is extremely easy. Before you throw that pasta sauce or chili in a plastic container, spray it with cooking spray. It creates a barrier and the sauce comes out without staining your dish. 

The more tips and tricks you can add to your house cleaning arsenal, the easier your house cleaning will be! 

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